Replacing wheel hub Volvo 700/900

INFO: For cars produced after year 88 and without ABS.


  • Remove wheels,
  • remove wheel hub cover,
  • remove wheel hub nut with 36 mm socket,
  • remove wheel bearing (be careful to not slide out bearing’s inner rings).


  1. Install wheel hub.
  2. Check that the outer bearing’s inner ring is in position
Minimum measurement 23 mm.
  1. Tighten the nut (use new nut) to 100 Nm, then tighten 45 deg.
  2. Install hub cover (you can use big socket).
  3. Install brake disk (tighten locating pin to 8 Nm).
  4. Install brake caliper with bracket. Tighten bracket to 105 Nm.
  5. Install wheels. Tighten to 85 Nm.

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