FAQ – Aftermarket parts

From author and Volvo owner

When it is possible, i strongly recommend using original Volvo parts. They are definetely better made than aftermarket ones. Their higher price is justified by their longevity leading to lower TCO.
Search the Internet for original Volvo parts to have better prices than at the dealer.

Oil filter

  • Volvo, Bosch or Mann Filter – all three of them are OE quality parts, made in Germany. Volvo one is probably produced by Bosch.

Air cleaner

Brake pads

  • For normal driving- Volvo original brake pads. They provide great brake pedal feeling.
    As aftermarket replacement i recommend Textar- they lasts 15-25 kkm but they are soft for the brake rotors. Shipped with great vibration preventing shims.
    For better control when braking, i strongly advice using brake pads from the same manufacturer on all wheels.

Spark plugs

  • Only original Volvo spark plugs.

Ignition leads

  • Bougicord ignition leads.

Windshield wipers

  • Bosch Aerotwin- they last easily 2-3 years

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