Torque wrench settings Peugeot 1007

INFO: 1.4 8HZ HDi Diesel engine only. For more specifications use manufacturer manual.
Valve cover10(Nm)
Engine oil drain plug16(Nm)
Oil filter25(Nm)
Fuel filter10(Nm)
Injector – Stage 115(Nm)
Injector – Stage 270(°)
Glow plugs10(Nm)
Oxygen sensor45 ± 5(Nm)
Alternator( Upper bolts )44 ± 8(Nm)
Alternator( Rear bolt )49 ± 12(Nm)
Alternator( Lower bolts )41 ± 10(Nm)
Camshaft bearing caps (follow the order)10(Nm)
Crankshaft pulley – Stage 135(Nm)
Crankshaft pulley – Stage 2190(°)
Timing belt tensioner pulley20 – 26(Nm)
Timing belt idler pulley34 – 40(Nm)
Flywheel – Stage 125(Nm)
Flywheel -Stage 2( Loosen all )
Flywheel – Stage 38(Nm)
Flywheel – Stage 417.5(Nm)
Flywheel – Stage 575(°)
Exhaust manifold25 – 28(Nm)
Inlet manifold10(Nm)
Coolant pump10(Nm)
Fuel pump( Front bolt )20(Nm)
Fuel pump( Rear bolt )10(Nm)
Turbocharger( Nuts )26(Nm)
Turbocharger( Studs )10(Nm)
Turbocharger oil supply line30(Nm)

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