Tightening Torques Volvo 850

ATTENTION: provided specification for 1993 Volvo 850 B5252S/FS. Tightening torques may be different for your configuration.
INFO: May or may not be applicable to your car. Reach your vehicle manufacturef for more detailed specifications.


ComponentsAdditional infoNm/Deg
Exhaust manifold, cylinder head side24
Exhaust manifoldheat shield – Turbocharger20
Exhaust pipestud screw – turbocharger 20
lock nut25
Exhaust system, front / rear pipestud screw25
Exhaust system, pipe to exhaust manifoldnut30
Fuel rail10
Cylinder headstage 120
stage 260
stage 3130 °
Intake pipe17
Camshaft carrier cover17
Camshaft pulley20
Timing belt, idler pulley24
Timing belt, tensioner damping unit24
Timing belt, tension pulley1993-199340
Knock sensor20
Coolant pump20
Carrier platestage 145
stage 250 °
Torque control armstage 150
stage 290 °
Torque converter50
Oil trap15
Oil plug x Oil pan35
Oil pump10
Oil pressure switch25
Screw for cover, piston cooling17
Flywheelstage 145
stage 265 °
Vibration damper, center nut180
Vibration damper flanged screwstage 125
stage 2 30 °
Throttle spindles, intake manifold1
Spark plug (do not lubricate)25


Compressor Bracket Bolt40
Compressor Bracket-To-Compressor40
Compressor Bracket-To-Frame20
Compressor Inlet Fitting20
Compressor Outlet Fitting45
Compressor Pipe Flange Bolt24
Condenser Inlet & Outlet20
Expansion Valve30
Receiver-Drier Connection30
High Pressure Sensor Connection10

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