Volvo rear brakes noise

Affected Volvo models

  • 200 series
  • 700/900 series
  • 850/S70/V70 I series

and other models that have double-sided double-piston ATE rear brake calipers with old style pistons.

What you will need

  • Volvo brake shims P/N 272272 or other stainless steel shims for modification or
  • New type of pistions that have a “step” (lowered 180°) on the mating surface with the brake pad (i know, that Autofren Seinsa D02522 has that step).
OE Volvo anit-squeal shims.

Placing the shims

The cutout shoud be facing down the caliper. OE shims- arrow pointing up.

Place the shims as showed on picture above. INFO: do not use any grease on shims, pistons or brake pads back. If your brake pads comes with material coated shims, place them between anti-squeal shims and brake pads. If your brake pads comes with meterial shims glued to the back of brake pads, do not use more shims than anti-squeal ones.

Changing pistons

Remove old pistons. DO NOT separate two halfs of the caliper!
Install pistons with cutout facing down the caliper. DO NOT reuse old orings and dust covers (use OE or ATE repair kits if possible).

Torque specs

  • rear caliper bolts: 60 Nm (use red threadlocker or new bolts)
  • wheel bolts 850/S70/V70 (tighten crosswise): 110 Nm
  • wheel nuts 700/900 (tighten crosswise): 85Nm

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