Automatic transmission oil change Lexus IS200

Procedure with removing oil pan and oil filter

  1. Unscrew drain bolt (14mm).
  2. Unscrew oil pan bolts (10mm) then remove oil pan (don’t pry on edges between pan and transmission case).
  3. Unscrew three 10mm bolts holding oil filter.
  4. Clean oil pan and two magnets.
  5. Mount new filter and torque three bolts to specifications.
  6. Pour (slowly) through the dipstick tube fresh transmission oil (no more than drained) if oil before change was at correct level.
  7. Go to section Determining oil level.

Quick transmission oil service

  1. Unscrew drain bolt (14mm) and drain the oil.
  2. Torque draint bolt to specified value.
  3. Pour in (slowly) 2.4 litre1 of fresh oil through dipstick tube.
  4. Go to section Determining oil level.

Determining oil level

Drive the car until engine and transmission oil temperature reach normal operating temperature (70-80 °C (158-176 °F).

  1. Park at flat and level surface.
  2. Move gear level through all positions, making 5 second stops at each, then go back to P.
  3. Pull out the dipstick, wipe it clean.
  4. Oil level should be between MIN and MAX mark at HOT range.

Torque values

oil filter x valve case10
oil pan x transmission case4.4
oil pan x drain bolt20

Oil capacities

Conditionvolume (liters)
when dry6.6
drain and fill (service fill)2.4

1 From Lexus/Toyota service bulletin.

Photos: author’s own resources.

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