How to replace thermostat Ford Mondeo MK3

INFO: Tutorial based on Ford Mondeo MK3 1.8 CHBB 2001.
  1. Remove front grille.
  2. Undo electrical connector and remove right front headlamp.
  3. Unscrew (socket 10mm) power steering line bracket to make some working space.
  4. Unscrew three bolts (8mm) holding thermostat to engine head. Start with bottom bolt.
  5. Dismantle thermostat, disconnect temperature sensor connector, move self-tightening bands and slide water lines off thermostat.
  6. Installing in reverse order. DO NOT use sillicone between thermostat and engine head. Tighten bolts to spec.

Tightening torques

thermostat housing bolts (1.8 and 2.0 liter engines)10

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