Engine oil change Volvo 850

Procedures, part numbers and tightening torques.

INFO: Applicable only to petrol engines.
  • Remove bottom engine cover – socket No. 10;
  • unscrew engine oil filter and drain plug;
  • screw in engine drain plug with new aluminium washer, then tighten to 35 Nm;
  • hand tighten new engine oil filter to first resistance, then make half to 3/4 of a turn (do not use any wrenches);
  • start the engine for 15 seconds, check level and fill-up engine oil (engine oil pressure light should go after 1-3 seconds. If not, probably there is a need to replace oil sump and pan o-rings);
  • check for engine oil leaks, install engine cover.

Required products

  • Engine oil filter Volvo P/N 3517857 (MANN-FILTER W 917 lub BOSCH 0 451 103 219),
  • aluminum washer Volvo P/N 977751.

Engine oil level between MIN and MAX mark

  • Red dipstick: 1 liter,
  • Fluorescent dipstick: 1,5 liter.

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