Front seats replacement Volvo 850

INFO: Only for seats withouth SRS Airbags.

ATTENTION: Only start below operations after reading whole procedure.


  1. Lock mechanical seat belt tensioner. Locking position: arrow pointing perpendicular to a seating orientation.
  2. Remove headrest.
  3. Remove side pocket.
  4. Unscrew bolt holding seat belt to the seat.
  5. Disconnect electrical connections under the seat.
  6. Unscrew four bolts holding the seat to the floor.


  • Installation in reverse order to removal.
  • Outside rear bolt must be tightened last.
  • Do not forget to unlock seat belt tensioner. Unlocked position: arrow pointing parallel to a seating orientation.

Tightening torques

  • Seat rails to the floor: 40 +/- 10 Nm
  • Seat belt to the seat bolt: 20 +/- 5 Nm

Important notes

Double check that all of the bolts were tightened with the correct torque. Use locktite on to the seat belt to the seat bolt threads.
Recheck that seat belt tensioner is at unlocked position.
Proper execution of above procedures affects your protection in case of road accident!

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